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1959 FC-170 in Dodge City, KS
1959 FC-170 in Dodge City, KS
1959 FC-170 headed for new home in Lubbock, TX
In my drive just about to see if it will crank!!
Did not start, but did fire and try to start.  Realized carb was leaking bad.  
Ordered new carb from Advance Auto for 126.00 (Cheap!). Order was
cancelled because no more from factory. So, ordered carb kit from
http://walcks4wd.com. So I am waiting.      UPDATE!!-- Today (April 12), after
having rebuilt the carb and installing it a couple of days ago, I was able to get
the truck started!!   Woo hoo! Ok, so it ran a little rough at first but then began
to run decent! Re-started it a couple of times with no problems, so I decided to
take it down the block and as soon as I put it in gear, even with clutch pushed
in, it tried to take off and died. So, after further evaluation, the clutch disc was
rusted to  the plate!...still working on it, but it is in good shape beneath the rust
and dirt. I am so excited! More to come!
UPDATE: April 16, today, and
we got the clutch back in and tranny and transfer
case back in with only minor probs (typical)! Tried out the clutch and problem
seems to be taken care of! Will give more details later.
UPDATE: May 1. Got my new fuel tank delivered today.  This past Monday, finally
got to do a compression check and found that cylinder #3 has no compression
at all! So
we pulled the head and found that the exhaust valve is sticking open.
So now we are probably gonna have to pull the intake/exhaust manifolds off to
take a look at the valve....unless it frees up after letting it soak a few days.  I am
also having to do some bathroom remodeling so I am not getting to work on the
Truck as often as I would like. More to come ....soon, I hope!
UPDATE: Ok, after deciding it was necessary to remove intake/exhaust
manifolds to get to the valve cover, it was clear that all parts to the sticking
exhaust valve were in great shape, as were all the others. Unfortunately, the
valve was still sticking-possibly due to a bent stem,
we guessed. I sprayed
penetrating oil and Marvel Mystery oil on the valve and with it in the open
position, I began to move it with a pair of channel locks and after several tries
and a couple of hours it finally quit sticking! And it is still working properly
today! Just waiting for all the replacement gaskets to come in so I can put it
back together and see how it runs now. From there, I will finish up my "to do"
list and move on to the body and interior!. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the
broken exhaust manifold. And they are not readily available! There is a guy here
in Lubbock who can fix it, I am told. Hopefully I can take it to him tomorrow and
find out! More updates to come!
UPDATE: Well, I struck out with the welder. He said he could weld it but it
probably wouldn't last and he didn't want to waste my money...so I am still
looking for one. May have found one at
Midwest Willys. Will know in a week or
UPDATE: Thanks to Jesse Ybarra for fixing me up with Intake/exhaust
manifolds. And the shifter plate. Will put them on when they come in. I did get
the fuel tank mounted. Now just need to hook up fuel lines, etc.
UPDATE: Memorial Day Weekend for me was spent working on my FC.  Finally
got the manifolds in (by myself...
help was gone) whew! What a chore for one
guy (the engine is still in the truck.)  Today, Memorial Day, I was able to get the
head back on. So now I am taking a break and enjoying the rest of the day.  This
week I will begin process of hooking everything back up.  Then see how it runs!
Still plenty more to do, but I feel like I am making some headway (no pun
UPDATE: Just about have everything connected. I am now waiting on a new
coil. The old one has a crack down one side of it and another on the bottom of
it. None of the parts stores here in Lubbock had one in stock that was 12 volt.
They have plenty of 6 volt ones.  So I had to order one. Can't wait to get it
started again! More to come.
UPDATE: Got the
shifter positioning plate installed. Man, what a difference that
makes in shifting the transmission!...even when it is not running! Got the surge
tank in after being repaired...looks really good...lots cheaper than a new one!
Now hoping the coil comes in soon....ready to get it running again! More to
UPDATE: Yesterday, June 12, I put the old coil back on (tired of waiting for new
one to get here) and started the truck! And it ran really well! I also DROVE it for
the first time since I have had it! What a blast. Oh and notice the picture below;
it is parked frontwards in the driveway because it runs! I have a video that I will
link to soon, so keep checking back!
UPDATE: Click here for

UPDATE: Ok, so after driving it a couple of times, the fuel pump decided to start
leaking....bad! So I installed a universal in-line electric fuel pump. Made a plate
to cover the slot for the mechanical fuel pump. It works great. So I was able to
drive it to the store and get gas in it! See the pic below. More to come.

UPDATE: Having a blast with this old truck! I take it for a drive almost every
morning. I finally received the new coil! When I bought it off of E-bay, I did not
see that it was coming from Istanbul, Turkiye! I had Glass Tech from here in
Lubbock come by and measure for new windows.  Also, I ordered a new wind
shield from
Southern States Glass in Virginia. I have ordered and received door
rubber molding and I will begin putting that in tomorrow (July 3rd).  I now have
all the lights working! A few days ago, my
neighbor brought over a bottle of
"Super Gloss" polish and said I should try it out on the old FC. So I did! See the
results below!

So far, I have only applied it to the cab. I think it looks pretty good! More to come!
UPDATE: Windshield arrived yesterday (July 9) and I am waiting to hear back
Glass Tech to get an estimate on them putting it in for me. Got the
receiver hitch installed. Had to do some modifications to it to make it fit. No
major issues. I think it looks good. I left town for a few days and I am now
getting to get to some of the other items of work on my "to-do" list. I should
have the windows and windshield installed this week. I will post pics as soon
as they are installed. More to come!
UPDATE: Ok, so my windshield installer told me that he needs to remove the
windshield and I need to repair some areas of rust underneath the windshield
molding....so that is what I am starting today, July 17th. I also
ordered new
tracks, window wipes, etc., for the door windows.  So...gonna take a little
longer than anticipated for getting all new windows in. More to come!
UPDATE: Parts for windows came in. I am beginning to work on repairing rust
areas around doors, windows, windshield, etc., before having the new glass
installed. Some of it is pretty bad.  I have not had a chance to work on it for a
few days....got the grandkids here so I am having some fun with them. I hope to
hit it hard next week after taking the grandkids back home. More to come!
UPDATE: Ok, so finally got the rust around front windshield and back glass
taken care of. Started on the floors now. They are not too bad. I have had to cut
out a small portion of the passenger side and will be welding in new sheet
metal this week. I hope to have new glass put in this morning (Thurs, Aug 16th).
I will post pics once it they are installed. I have also began installing insulation
in the cab and will decide what upholstery to cover it with soon. More to come!

UPDATE: Ok...here it is with new glass....woohoo....looks good, if I say so myself!
Below is a pic before:

UPDATE: Ok, so I have been doing some work on the rusted floors, electrical
work, adding new switches, some new wiring, and finding and installing an
electric wiper motor that I could replace the vacuum setup with. Here is what I
found and how I made it fit:

I bought the wiper motor off of ebay and I utilized the spacers and tab that
connects to the motor and vehicle wiper mechanism from the original vacuum
setup. I had to cut the motor shaft down and grind the end to make it fit, but it
wasn't too difficult. It works well! More to come.

UPDATE: Today, 9-26-2012, the ol' FC officially passed State Inspection! woo
hoo! Now I can get it registered and drive it legally!

More to come.
UPDATE: Today, 9-27-201, I got the ol' FC registered! So cool. I still got lots to do
to it, but at least, now, I can drive it legally. I think the first time I put it to work,
I'll go buy a load of firewood for the winter. More to come!

UPDATE: Below is a photo of the door panels I made from 1/8th inch hardboard.
I still have to cover them, but until then, this is how they look now. Not too bad.
Was really easy to do. Made a pattern from poster board first, then traced it
onto the hardboard. Cut it out with a jigsaw and drilled all the holes. More to

UPDATE: Ok, so today I found some grey upholstery carpet at BigLots and
covered the door panels with it. It looks pretty good. So you may not be able to
tell too much difference in the doors, but I posted a pic anyway! More to come!

UPDATE: Well, it has been a while since I have given an update. I have been
having a lot of fun driving this truck around; I get lots of looks and questions. I
have been invited to join a couple of classic car clubs here in Lubbock, and I
probably will. I have not done too much more to it since the last update,
however, I did have an issue with the parking brake. It never really held as good
as I thought it should, in fact, it almost did not hold enough to pass inspection. I
had to adjust it even more and I had to pull on it really hard to get it to hold
enough to pass inspection. Thus, my issue: I broke it because of pulling so hard
on it. It literally broke at the spot welds underneath the dash. And since I did not
really want to take the whole dash apart again and weld on it to try and fix it, I
came up with another solution. I made my own parking brake that utilizes the
brake pedal.  I attached it to a hinge that I mounted to the cab in line with the
brake pedal.I attached a spring to it so that when the pedal is depressed
further, it releases. I also us a momentary switch (normally "on") that when
parking brake is used it will break the circuit to the brake lights.  It works well
and it holds way better than the original. I have pics of it below. More to come!

UPDATE:  Ok, I finally got to go get some firewood in the ol' FC and had a ball.
We got lots of looks and thumbs-up! Here are some pics to document the

UPDATE: Today, January 9, 2013 I put the FC to work again hauling wood. So I
took some pictures of it in use again. After warmer weather arrives again, I
hope to start doing some more work on it. More to come.
Attach hinge here
Keeps pedal depressed
Attach spring to cab here
Momentary switch
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